Offline Tests building tool for Teachers

Working together prepare tests more effectively to achieve better results in your work!

Create questions

You can create open type or multiple-choice questions. While creating a series of questions with same tags just copy an existing question and edit it. It saves time.

Use this tool with colleagues You will be able to copy each other's questions. Choose topics. Work together. You will do more in the same time.

Organise into categories

You can assign tags to questions or tests. It is easy to search using tags. It's convenient to assign tags specifying book or discipline the question belongs to.

Tags help categorize tests or questions. If you use several languages​​ add language tag. E.g.: lt, en, fr, de...

Prepare tests

Same question can be added to several tests. Convenient to create midterms and final exams.

It's easy to create multiple versions of the same test. Answers are displayed randomly. Answers are provided on the last page.

Print comfortably

If you add 20 questions to an exercise but choose to use only 5 for printing, you will create more different tests.

When you print test to Word document, you are able to open it and edit. If it's necessary, you can edit, save it to USB stick, send via e-mail or perform other actions.

Thank you for using this tests-building tool. If you have any questions or comments - please write to: goal — to help you to prepare tests more easily.